The Deathday Party

Exercise 1. Copy out the sentences in which the word combinations are used. Learn these word combinations and give an oral reproduction of the situation in the text in which each word combination is used. Translate the word combinations.

1) a matter of no importance; 2) a tapestry; 3) a filing cabinet; 4) a moth-eaten chair; 5) to be at the point of doing smth; 6) to burst into anguished sobs; 7) to grow fainter; 8) to strain one’s ears; 9) foot-high words; 10) to come to a halt; 11) a sudden spate of colds; 12) rule-breaker; 13) with bated breath; 14) on tenterhooks

Exercise 2. Translate the sentences from English into Russian /Ukrainian.

1. In spite of his airy tone, there was a look of great bitterness on his face.

2. It is with the greatest regret, therefore, that I must inform you that you do not fulfil our requirements.

3. The room was dingy and windowless, lit by a single oil lamp dangling from the low ceiling.

4. He was wearing s bright orange party hat, a revolving bow tie, and a broad grin on his wide, wicked face.

5. From either end of the corridor where they stood came the sound of hundreds of feet climbing the stairs, and the loud, happy talk of well-fed people.

Exercise 3. Translate the sentences from Ukrainian into English.

1. Величезні, мов кулі, дощові краплини з ранку до ночі розстрілювали замкові вікна; озеро мало не вийшло з берегів, квіткові клумби перетворилися в баюри з багнюкою, а Хегрідові гарбузи стали завбільшки як чималенький курінь.

2. Півз Полтергейст був шкільним привидом, який, посміхаючись, носився в повітрі, загрожуючи кожному, бо страшенно полюбляв колотнечу і неприємності.

3. Його очі були вирячені, одна обвисла щока смикалася, а картатий шарф на голові робив його ще страшнішим.

4. Дощ і далі періщив у вікна, за якими вже залягла суцільна темрява, але всередині усе видавалося яскравим і привітним.

5. Гаррі вже дуже змерз, не кажучи про голод.

Exercise 4. Paraphrase the underlined words and expressions using their synonyms from the chapter under discussion

1. Nearly Headless Nick, the ghost of Gryffindor Tower, was staring gloomy out of the window.

2. Harry was going to tell Ron and Hermione about Filch and the Kwikspell course when the salamander suddenly whizzed into the air.

3. There were gossips that Dumbledore had booked a troupe of dancing skeletons for the entertainment.

4. So at seven o’clock Harry, Ron and Hermione walked straight past the doorway to the crowded Great Hall.

Exercise 5. Answer the following questions:

1. What is Mrs Norris?

2. Describe Filch’s office.

3. Describe Peeves.

4. Describe the Deathday Party.

5. Who is Moaning Myrtle?

6. Describe Halloween decorations of the Great hall.

Exercise 6.

Grammar revision. The Predicate

Find out the predicate in the following sentences, say what it is expressed by.

1) A faint smell of fried fish lingered about the place.

2) Filch was looking triumphant.

3) The orchestra, however, stopped playing at that very moment.

4) The voice was growing fainter.

5) He was pale as a smoke, and Harry could see right through him to the dark sky and torrential rain outside.

Exercise 7.

Explain the difference in the meaning of the following words. Work with English-English dictionaries. Give the examples of the usage from the text of the book and of your own.

furious; alarmed; mad; bewildered

Chapter IX